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General Lab Info

Lab hours on days that classes are in session during the regular school year are 8:00 to 5, Monday through Friday. Summer hours will be a bit more variable. We are closed weekends and holidays.

We have portable CD and cassette tape players available. See me or a lab assistant for details.

Food and drinks need to be kept away from the computers and keyboards. If any of your students has food or drinks at the station, please request that those items be placed on the table in the hallway by the door or in a backpack. This precaution goes a long way towards keeping food and liquids out of the keyboards.

The lab computers have software for language instruction, such as the interactive CDs from the textbooks, GMAT software, Microsoft Office and internet browsers. If you need specific software for your classes, please see me.

Logging In

All EWU lab computers require a unique login, for students, staff and faculty. When logging in for the first time, a new user should use 'ewuguest' as the user name with no password. Doing so will take the user through a process in which the user is verified as being an employee or registered student. The user is guided through a process that will provide a unique user name and a password chosen by the user. The password will need to have at least three of the following four elements: upper case letter(s), lower case letter(s) number(s), special character(s) such as #, @, ! *, etc. The new login information can be used on all EWU lab computers and for wi-fi access.

Please bear in mind that at the beginning of each quarter, and especially Fall, some information takes a few days to get into the databases that are used for creating logins. If it appears that a student is unable to get a new user name or log in, it may be due to a delay in updating their information. Please see me if this problem arises. I can check on the status of the student's information and provide a temporary login.

Tech Fee and Running Start students

Each student pays a Tech Fee of $35 per quarter. This fee is charged automatically to full-time students. It's pro-rated at $3.50 per credit for part-time students. The Tech Fee provides computer access in all campus and Riverpoint computers, 180 pages of black and white printing, and Netstorage, which provides online storage for their documents. The proceeds from this fee are used to purchase computers and other resources for students' use.

To use the 180 pages of print credit, the student prints from the computer as usual, then passes his or her student ID card through the card scanner next to the printer. The print station screen will then show a list of jobs waiting to be printer. The user selects the job, clicks on print, and the printing will begin, counting the number of pages to apply to the print credit. If the 180 allotted pages gets used up, the student can use their EagleFlex account funds. Their 180 pages of print credit will be replenished at the beginning of the next quarter.

This fee is not charged for Running Start students. Those who have not been charged the fee may pay it at the registrar's office if they wish for the print credit and access to other benefits of the tech fee, such as full access to all the labs, laptops for checkout from the library, netstorage, and other benefits. For printing only, the students may add funds to their Flex accounts. If they opt to not pay the tech fee or deposit funds to their flex accounts, they can use a department print card available in my office.

Audio CDs

Audio CDs are often included with language textbooks as ancillary materials, but we've gotten permission from some of the publishers to put these materials online so that students don't need to have the CDs available when working with the workbooks in the lab or at home. Presenting these materials online provides quick access, saving crucial class time when a class is working in the lab. We access these materials through Blackboard since the publishers have asked that we limit access to registered students who have purchased the text. Students can access these materials from anywhere they have computer access. For those with limited internet access, we can provide the audio materials on CD. They can ask for the CD to keep, but we request that they return them when they're no longer needed at the end of the year.

If you have any questions or problems with the lab or its equipment and software, I’d like very much to know about it.


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